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Infrared Heaters - Made in the U.S.A

usa 1000 portable heater

USA 1000 Portable Heater - Made in the USA

Specifications: Rated To Heat up to 1000 Square Feet - The Newest Heater in the EdenPure line is basically the same as the Famous EdenPure Gen3 1000... BUT it's Made in the USA and features Sylvania Infrared Heating Elements. The most notable change from the Gen3 models is the internal design... the EdenPURE US-1000 "insides" have been configured so that it is much easier to change out the infrared heating elements. Free Shipping for this product.[Learn More]

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MAP: $599 Our Price:$397

edenpure gen4 portable infrared heater

Gen4 1000 - Made in the USA

The new GEN4 was designed and engineered in the USA with several patent-pending breakthroughs to save you money on your heating bill. These patent-pending breakthroughs make the 2011 EdenPURE GEN4 Bob Vila's #1 portable heating source for North America. Free Shipping for this product. [Learn More]

MAP: $472 Our Price:$397

gen3 500 personal heater

Personal Heater - Made in the USA

The EdenPURE Personal model is made in the USA (North Canton, OH). It incorporates patented EdenFLOW technology and heats up to 350 square feet so it's perfect for an office or a small bedroom. Its compact size means it will fit right under your desk and keep you toasty while you work. Free Shipping for this product. [Learn More]

MAP: $272 Our Price:$197

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